Sunday, 1 July 2012


It just like yesterday we first met,
Walking together in the sun,
Sitting together on the stone while watching at the clear blue sky,
Me and you were so nearly cannot be apart,
You often tell me.. “see the sun rising beyond the hill
there was a peace, there was a sheer bliss..”

Friend O friend,
You are my everything,
You are as soft as the rabbit fur,
You are as black as my neighbor hair,
You are as wonderful as my apple trees.

Friend O friend,
Why in the spring mending time must we separate?
Please faced me, please get out of the hiding,
Why you put the wall between us?
Our fingers be the witnesses of how close you and me.

Friend O friend,
Because of him, you said I’m bad.. as bad as the isolated old stone,
To tell the truth you say it wasn’t true,

Friend O friend,
In his head, it is so well.. is only you, It is you, and always you.

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