Tuesday, 17 April 2012

HOCKEY TOURNAMENT by: ppismp tesl 2.1 june intake '11

Our class members, TESL A 3.1 of IPGKBA.
Our class had organized the hockey tournament that was held on 7th april 2012. it was started from 8.00am till 1.30pm.. Even it was held on weekend, but all of us manage to join and had given full cooperation. i'm so happy.. This was our first experience in organising a game which involve most of the student in IPBA.. ^^ We had divided the task on that day properly, and i had been assigned to in-charge in medic..with Nur Farah Syazwani wah, this one also is my first experience..but  i'm glad to do so.. *wink2

Waiting for patients.
Medical Team: Farah & me

A day before, we had cleaned up the field where the tournament will be held. even though it was raining, but, still, we gathered altogether to make sure everything gonna be fine bfore the real day of tournament. Under the raining cats and dogs, all of us are together-gether to help each other.. hehehe... i really love them^^

Clean up the court under the wonderful rain.. haha
Girls student, gossipping time.. ape cerr ^^
The leader give out the order.. huh! just pretend like dun no anything.. hehe
Wah.. everyone was so busy.. pull out all the grass on the court.. how on earth there are so many grass at here.. so unbelievable!!
JOB DONE!! have fun for a while..
What a hardworking people they're.. :)

NOW, let i introduced our hockey team, our class team, from left, farah, along,me, myself & feka.. ^_^ 

TESL A 3.1 hockey's team ",

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